Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living

Supported independent living is one type of support to help you live in your home.

It includes help or supervision with daily tasks, like personal care or cooking meals. It helps you live as independently as possible, while building your skills.

Supported independent living is for people with higher support needs, who need some level of help at home all the time.


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Short-Term Accommodation including Respite

Short-Term Accommodation including RespiteShort Term Accommodation, including respite, is funding for support and accommodation for a short time away from your usual home. It covers the cost of your care in another place for up to 14 days at a time. You might have a short stay with other people, or by yourself. It’s often funded when your usual carers aren’t available, or for you to try new things.

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NDIS Life Skills and Development

NDIS Life Skills and DevelopmentLife Skills and Development are covered under NDIS Plans when a person’s inability to perform them are related to their disability. NDIS Development Life Skills training can help you learn how to deal with problems that NDIS participants may face. Life skills are abilities for adapting and positive behaviour that help people deal with the pressures and challenges of living in the world.

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Assistance with Self-Care Activities

NDIS Assistance with Self-Care ActivitiesPersonal care supports may be required across a variety of settings. For example, a participant living alone in their own home, living with family or other people, when undertaking social, recreational, education or employment activities or during holidays away from home.

Tags: Assistance with community participation, Assistance with showering, cleaning, gardening, grooming, Medical management and reminders, NDIS Assistance with Self-Care Activities, Personal hygiene and self-care education

Personal Domestic Assistance

NDIS Personal Domestic Assistance
At Amoscare, we provide high quality In-home care services that cater specifically to support people living with a disability. Our Support Coordinators and Plan Managers work closely with you and your family to provide completely personalised In-Home care, tailored specifically to your requirements and NDIS funding.


NDIS Participation in Social and Community Activities

NDIS Social and Community ParticipationSocial and community participation is about meeting people with similar interests and joining in social and community activities. It means going where others go, doing what others do, with other people and choosing activities you enjoy.

Tags: Assistance with social outings, develop and practice independence skills, Organized sports and maintaining fitness, Support with scheduled transport services, Taking up personal interests